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I received my honorable discharge from the US Army and I am a free man; many colleagues of mine, by contrast, have been liquidated. This is a philharmonic quest for a biologic emancipation from exclusive dependence on the planetary/star system context in which the complex life form emerges. This information is intended for group members, and group members only, until as a group, ground rules arise as to how the information products developed from within the group are to be made available to the public. A first-among-equals serves the function of moderator in the internal debate on whether or not the proposed member is extended the invitation to join, conducts sounding surveys of the membership, submits questions to the prospect sent by the membership, conducts membership consults over the net or by appointment, draws closure on discussion by sounding surveys concerning readiness to vote, conducts the final vote, declares consensus acceptance of the candidate and authorizes extension of invitation to the member who proposed the candidate for membership. The others – P13 and P15 – are the pillars of this group – the fifth element in a higher-order defensive complex that, without this group’s performance of its functions and fulfillment of its goals, it would and could not work.And much of the change the living matrix undergoes is already in what so far we know as mind, which is contained in Source as Creator, expressed as a biomind overfunction that turns a biokind into a unity-support under the operation of a dedicated biomind member, who acts as first-among-equals switchboard of permutated interchange of and among all members of the unity-support as biomind-overfunction. We, who conceived the idea of this group, intend it to be operated on the basis of fairly basic rules of thumb – logical ground rules most everyone can agree to. If the invitee is or has been a member of a civilian or military intelligence organization, this individual shall undergo a full vetting process involving his or her experiences and associations while in such organization. More on the situation confronted by humankind as members of the Link have made guardian functions in certain institutional groups mentioned on this document and on the BRIEFING BOOK 1, for bona fide members admitted by the membership.But then their feelings are quite understandable too.My personality probably makes about as much sense to a people (even some friends) as Snapchat does to my grand-uncle in the village.Yet, over the course of my years working for the Supreme Annunaki Alliance of Lord Marduk — or “SAALM” as we on the inside called it — I was privy to some sensitive and disturbing intelligence. The global intelligence community is just that, a community, a society unto itself with social guidelines even stricter than those of an ordinary open society.Even personnel peripheral to Agency intelligence work must have intensive security checks and clearances in order to step foot into the NSA complex. This has never been done before, not quite in the way we’re proposing. Don’t worry about ID, this will be done here at the shop, but we will have suggestions below.This is not a telepathic phenomenon, as it is often misunderstood and portrayed in the literature, on the net, and in movies. One of the main ones, from our viewpoint, has been the lack of trust in the wisdom and reliance on the native intelligence and experience of those participating in whatever the effort was at the time. The operational definition of this principle is that the group is neither hierarchical in structure, nor is it driven by power motives associated with any one viewpoint or its hegemony within the group. M for the accomplishment of the goals and objectives of S.

I am reserved (being around lots of people drains my energy), quiet, shy, introspective, very blunt, a huge observer and I like to plan everything!

There is the general perception that introversion is the inferior personality type and all who want to succeed should strive for extroversion.

So, on this trip, a friend, who was also visiting, handled everything: booking the apartment, itinerary, e.t.c. The plan was simple: I fly Etihad, arrive Abu Dhabi then wait for 12 hours before joining the Etihad bus to Dubai, from where I would head to the Dubai Airport to meet up with her.

Most intelligence remains off limits to even the cleared analyst by the requisite “need to know” restriction. I have conferred with P1 and P2 and we are currently establishing a reviewed security protocol which should prohibit any type of attack or compromise in the future. Will take laptop with, but can’t promise I will have signal where I’m going…

Only a select few, who sit at the top of the hierarchy, are privy to the vast bulk of intelligence processed by the Agency. Let the computer suggest a code name for you all: or choose a new one (to use in the group) and XXX as your codesign (for A-33_Z information system registry name), as there will only be one master list of all with all add-on names. Tell me today or tomorrow, if possible, if this is sufficient for you to send the forms filled out back to me so I can get them on system before I leave.

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