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The "ssl2796" in the name is a Cloud Flare tracking ID in the 136,535 root domains we found that use "standard" (not "universal") Cloud Flare certificates.

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But imagine that you are a government regulator in a country where a big ISP hosts a Cloud Flare "data center." Your job is to consider the Internet in terms of public safety and current laws, and you go to that ISP with a list of Cloud Flare-user domains you want blocked.Francis' discourse on pride and the way in which he rejects all reasons for individual boasting is a correction that seeks to remind his hearers of Gospel humility.God is the source of every good thing, gift, talent, event, experience and so on.Too often we cause trouble, division and break relationships.Here is what Francis says: Consider, O human being, in what great excellence the Lord God has placed you, for He created and formed you to the image of His beloved Son according to the body and to His likeness according to the Spirit.

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