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But when people caught a glimpse of his getup, they had lots to say. So this evening, Jaheim took to his Twitter to pop off on folks. Singer Jaheim set it off this past weekend at the homegoing services of Whitney Houston..this foolywang luminous purple-blue "suit." Now out of respect of the legend's somber day, we ignored his pic. In case you didn't know, the proper protocol for showing the utmost respect at one's funeral in my Caribbean community, Is to Wear Black. ***Hydroquinone Cream 10% & 20% ***Arbutin 5% & 10% ***Kojic Acid 3% & many more! But now that he's going off about people's ish talking.... ~ ~ IRIS LIGHTENER PRODUCTS ~ Gradually lightens your eye color ~ We have hundreds of affordable rare product not sold anywhere else. » Michelle Obama Finally Reveals What Melania Trump Gave Her In That Tiffany’s Box Black Caucus Stares Down Trump - In Kente Cloth - During SOTU Address» The Smolletts, Rep. Kamala Harris March To Celebrate MLK Day While Y’alls President Went Golfing 'I Am MLK Jr.' Trailer» POLITICAL FAB: April Ryan Asks Trump To His Face, ‘Are You Racist? Underdog Eagles Swoop Down & WIN FIRST NFL Championship – See The Insane Celebrations! A Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Did That – Serayah Slays GALORE Magazine, Shot Totally On A Phone» ICYMI: TAKING IT ALL OFF! » Hip Hop Royalty Showed Out At The Roc Nation Brunch Soiree – Jay Z & Beyonce Ooze Black Love, Remy Ma, La La Anthony & Tons More! » Cardi B Brings Her Bronx Flavor To Alexa For Amazon Super Bowl Ad JLO Confirms Cardi B Collaboration Is Happening» Eva Marcille Says Fiancé Is Marley’s Father & Kevin Mc Call Is Just A ‘Memory’ PJ Morton Brings All The Feels In Star-Studded ‘First Began’ Video» Almost Everybody's DEEP SIGHING At Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl Performance, Which DID Have A Prince Cameo» SUPER BOWL BITS: DRUNK Kevin Hart Gets Son’d On The Field (And Off), Curses On Live TV Hilarious Reactions From Will Smith, Kobe Bryant, Cardi B & More » Y’ALL THOUGHT THEY WERE FINISHED?!

The suit is a little pimpish but its a black funeral and I'm sure there were others dressed way crazier than Jaheim.

One person starts bashing and everybody jumps on board to follow. With the way some of y'all cuss and cut up when someone on here talks about you or disrespects you I'd think you would understand his need to defend himself.

This reminds me of high school when the popular kids would make fun of the kids who had on raty clothes or had a style that was different from what they thought was stylish.

Because none of us could have gotten through the day without seeing this sight, of course. However, when black people act ignorant and inappropriate, that behavior paints us all with the same brush.

Jersey native Jaheim said he was not formally invited to the services, but after receiving genius advise from his "musical godmother" Dyana Williams, he decided to go anyway and PRAY his whole ride to the church that he would be allowed in. wear your loud suit Jaheim, and don't respond to anything other than my request for you to drop another album.voice brought me to tears when you sang the "God bless the children" That's a very good question. I could understand him wanting to be at the funeral.

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