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He continued to be affiliated with the Lodge of Nine Sisters for years through the funeral services for Voltaire and as master of the Lodge for two years.Voltaire had such affection for Franklin that it was written: The aged Voltaire who in the last year of his life came in triumph to Paris grappled Franklin to himself as with hooks of steel.

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'I thought this was a joke or a mistake.' He added: 'When has this witch heard my show, since it's not syndicated in England?

'Your client has not provided any evidence to show that he did not commit the unacceptable behaviour [that prompted the] decision to exclude him, nor has your client provided any acceptable evidence to show his repudiation of those unacceptable behaviours,' World Net Daily reported Atkins as having written. The shock jock ,whose show, The Savage Nation, has eight million listeners, since served a £100,000 libel writ on Ms Smith, who announced his ban on television.

Savage must now wait to appeal until December, when the decision will again be reviewed. K Prime Minister David Cameron and President Obama, during his current trip to the U. 'blathering about "democracy" in the Arab world' while overlooking injustices at home. In the wake of the ban, Savage called Smith a 'lunatic' and a 'witch'.

Yet, the history of the man behind such an honor is rich with industriousness, inventiveness and political genius such that he is perhaps one of a few who could be considered a modern day Renaissance man, both in and out of the fraternity.

Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, MA (as calculated by the new style – Gregorian calendar dating).

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