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The rusty black shivered steps teased her to run up and take a seat once more in the window sill to remember the moment once more with a close up.She looked down and tried to ignore the stairs, and then a second later she snapped her head up when hearing voice calling her name-he was leaning on the railing looking down at her, with a confused expression and narrowed eyes she could noticed from where she was standing.

She actually put make up, not that she had (that much) trouble, but she fused her brownish and orange eye shadow with eyeliner and mascara.

An hour had passed, maybe less, maybe more; she honestly wasn't keeping track of time, but of what she's gotten herself into: liking the of Nubs, Freddie Benson.

She hadn't even noticed she circled the Bushewell Plaza Apartments as the quiet roads were still the same, and the wind still dance around her-as if begging her to just play along and join in.

She wanted to smile, but wondered if he could see her."Sam?

" He yelled once more, earning life-threatens from neighbors-causing the blonde to blurt out a small chuckle that actually made her cheekbones pop.

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