Updating vcenter vds data

Primarily the new resources consist of the v Center Server and its accoutrement while ESXi hosts are simply moved over to it and then upgraded.

Therefore, both strategies see ESXi hosts being upgraded in-place.

Go back to the VIC client connected directly to the new host that now houses your v Center and v Center DB server.

( Now, right click on your v Center VM, Edit Settings, select Network Adapter, and then choose the “VM Network” in the dropdown box in the bottom right.

Each host had two physical NICs of which both were used in a VMware Distributed switch (One p NIC for VM Network/Management, the other dedicated for v Motion) This posed a problem that I still needed to remain control of the hosts while I removed them from v Sphere.

For those reading this that has ever tried to remove a host from v Sphere you will find there are some hoops you need to jump through: [Networking] Opps.. If you read the error message it is complaining that a VMKernel is still in use.

Distributed switches are managed by v Center, but there is a database copied to each host with information on the switch (very handy if v Center goes down). Often when an entire environment is started, v Center will report the above message on the summary page of the switch like so: You may also see this on the hosts wizard for the switch: This message is just an FYI and should go away after the first sync, you may need to refresh the view however. alarm still on the v DS) Here is the screen if you catch it in time: The task that pops up (no questions or pop-ups when to hit Rectify): Note tho that it still took ~5 minutes for the alarm to clear from the v DS.

VMware released v Center Server 6.5 Update 1d (Build 7312210) to update few third party packages and to fix plenty of bugs.

You should see the Summary tab info of the VM update to the portgroup. Once both are correctly associated to the dv Switch, we’re good to go. and re-add the borrowed vmnic back as an additional dv Uplink in “Manage Physical Adapters.” I found an old post over on @jasonboche‘s blog from back in 2009 talking about this, and it’s something I think we’re all hoping they fix with the next release.The topic of v Sphere upgrades is a hot one with every new release of VMware’s flagship platform.Architectures change, new features are introduced, old ones are removed, and so everyone is scrambling to figure out how to move to the next version and what process they should use.I could potentially see running the v DS as an OVF appliance, but the reliance of the v DS on v Center being up and running is a big problem, and I think they’re aware of that.With all of the searching I did, I found explanations as to what the problem was, but was unable to find any step-by-step walkthroughs, so I thought I would post one up myself.

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