Updating the bios for a new power supply

ANY system where you have access to it's console will give you an opportunity to where you can login and see files, run your own browser or copy files.

By modifying the BIOS or "Flash'ing" new BIOS you can override both BIOS protected passwords and reboot from other devices or peripherials...

Firewalls, port stealthing and all the fancy software secures you from outside and network attacks.

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Many Live CDs can also be copied onto and booted from USB drives.If you can MODIFY the BIOS to boot from USB, CD or DVD. Even "locking" the BIOS is no longer safe as "Flash" programs can 'reprogram' most any BIOS.Shorts or restes can 'fry' and many sites offer replacements/swaps. File systems are the way data is encoded on the hard drive.515 515 Rescue, Windows Antivirus 3 Mutagenix 99 549 Desktop, Diagnostics, OS Replacement, Rescue 3 SLAMPP 285 285 Server 4 Free BSD Live CD 413 413 OS Replacement, Rescue 4 Games Knoppix 683 683 Gaming 4 Kubuntu 572 619 Desktop 4 m0n0wall 5 5 Firewall 5 Beatr IX Linux 167 167 Desktop 5 Goblin X Mini Edition 149 149 Desktop 5 INSERT 49 49 Rescue, Security 5 LLGP 695 695 Gaming 6 Suse Live-Eval 1446 1451 Desktop 6 System Rescue CD 92 104 Rescue 7 Elive 200 700 Desktop 7 SLAX Kill Bill Edition 188 188 Desktop 8 Ultimate Boot CD 121 186 Diagnostics, Rescue 9 WHAX 574 574 Security 10 dyne:bolic 444 444 Clustering, Desktop, Media Production 15 Free SBIE 596 596 Desktop, OS Replacement 15 Gentoo 50 1815 OS Replacement, Rescue 22 Puppy Linux 60 60 Desktop 23 Ubuntu 699 3553 Desktop, Os Replacement 34 MEPIS 693 693 Desktop, OS Replacement 38 Damn Small Linux 48 48 Desktop, OS Replacement 39 Goblin X 302 302 Desktop, OS Replacement 46 Knoppix 700 700 Desktop, OS Replacement 47 Nimble X 200 200 Desktop 83 PCLinux OS 299 685 Desktop, OS Replacement 199 Kanotix 503 719 Desktop, OS Replacement 222 SLAX 41 202 Desktop, OS Replacement Currently displaying 315 Live CD/DVDs Key: Primary Functions: Desktops: provides a working GUI desktop environment with a collection of desktop programs, such as browsers and text editors.Many also include utilities for other purposes, such as home entertainment, but are only listed here because the additional functions are not their primary focus.

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