Updating table

When you fine-tune UPDATE STATISTICS to perform within your environment, you will find that it is time well spent.When fine-tuning the UPDATE STATISTICS command, you can choose from several options.The massive number of queries would send SQL Server's CPU to 100% utilization.We decided to start updating the statistics using the FULLSCAN flag.

The exception is that the sp_updatestats procedure checks the internal system tables and looks to see if the table needs its statistics updated. In addition to updating the statistics on user tables, the procedure also checks system tables for stale statistics and the statistics are updated as needed.

Recalculation of a table is normally not automatic, but needs to be triggered by a command.

See Advanced features, for a way to make recalculation at least semi-automatic.

The other indexed column also had a data type of INT.

The bulk of the table's queries were done against the secondary index.

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