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Get the fans in the position you want, and take your sharpie, And mark the mountingholes, and trace the fans, This isnt going to be what you cut, OR at least I didnt: I used the fan trace line, As my guide to free-hand the cut line, The fans have a lip on themounting surface, The actual fan part is more like 3/4-1" inside of that, So it made sinceto do it like that.

I will definatly be updating when I do that part of the mod, I gotta leave town this weekend so it'll be afew days ID like to see other people do stuff like this and post it to show theirown "unique style" I was pretty excited when it was donedidnt think Id be able to do it for under with nothin but a pan and tools.

The installer isn't so clever though, the wy Update window appeared hidden behind all other windows and I thought the installer was hung, when in fact it was waiting from me to press a button to continue._________________ASUS Maximus VIII Hero mb Intel i7 6700K 4 Core @4.5GHz850 Pro 512Gb SSD for Win 10 64 bit, 1Tb 850 Pro SSD for P3Dv4.

Corsair Vengeance 32Gb DDR4 3000n Vidia 980 Ti Track IR 5, EZDOK and CH/Saitek controls and panels Every A2A Accu-sim aircraft Our servers are working fast 99.9% of the time (the same ones that house our online store), and if speeds at your location is slow, this means the slow down is not at our servers but somewhere between our servers and your location.

The shroud is still very strong with the holesin it and I have no worries at all about putting it on my truck, And I know it can stand plenty of heat I may cut some strips and do rubber flaps over them so more air can flow through it on the highway.

I will be mounting it on the radiator, To the metal you see on top and bottom.

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