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There are several ways to create a perfect bound cover using Adobe In Design.

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But there is one feature in partic­u­lar I want to focus on, and it’s Object Styles enhance­ments.

In the exam­ple below, I created a Paragraph Style called New Features. This caused the famil­iar plus sign Live Preflight, first intro­duced in Adobe In Design CS4, has the abil­ity to catch poten­tial output issues long before your first PDF is exported: that is, if you use the correct settings.

Fortunately, these settings can be down­loaded from our website or by click­ing down­load Once you have down­loaded the Preflight Settings for In Design, open In Design and choose Window Embracing a PDF work­flow saves time by elim­i­nat­ing miss­ing fonts and images, if created correctly.

One of the new features the update included is Style Override Highlighter.

Before the update, you could run a script to iden­tify Style Overrides in both Character and Paragraph Styles, but having it built-in to the Character and Paragraph Style panels makes it very conve­nient to use.

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