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The response from the managing director of KISS, Peter Wilmar Christensen, countered that the similarities between the two pieces of code indicate that the MPlayer team had in fact used code from KISS's firmware.Getting your hands on a Raspberry Pi opens up a remarkable world of computing projects – from media centers and NAS boxes to Android emulation, robotics, retro gaming, and software development.However, as it is the first thing you need to do if you want to get your Pi up and running, you’ll need to get a handle on it.Unless you have a pre-installed micro SD card with NOOBS ready to insert into your Pi, installing an operating system requires a Windows, Mac or Linux computer.MPlayer was previously called "MPlayer - The Movie Player for Linux" by its developers but this was later shortened to "MPlayer - The Movie Player" after it became commonly used on other operating systems.

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The implication was that KISS was violating the GPL, since KISS did not release its firmware under the GPL license.

Another way of installing software on your Raspberry Pi is via the graphical package manager.

Many Linux operating systems come with a package manager installed, and as of Raspbian Jessie, so does Raspbian.

Neither of these tasks is particularly difficult, but if the Raspberry Pi is your first taste of Linux, they might seem unfamiliar.

The installation of an operating system for the Raspberry Pi is particularly unusual.

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