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An expansion, Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, developed by Nerve Software and co-developed by id Software, was released on April 4, 2005, and released several months later for Xbox as well.

A Doom movie, loosely based on the franchise, was released roughly six months later on October 21, 2005.

Kevin Cloud and Adrian Carmack, two of id Software's owners, were always strongly opposed to remaking Doom.

The key advance of the Doom 3 graphics engine is the unified lighting and shadowing.However, after the warm reception of Return to Castle Wolfenstein (which was originally a remake of Wolfenstein 3D) and the latest improvements in rendering technology, most of the employees agreed that a remake was the right idea and confronted Kevin and Adrian with an ultimatum: "Allow us to remake Doom or fire us" (including John Carmack).After the reasonably painless confrontation (although artist Paul Steed, one of the instigators, was fired in retaliation), the agreement to work on Doom 3 was made. In 2001, it was first shown to the public at Macworld Conference & Expo in Tokyo during the unveiling of Nvidia's Ge Force 3, with Apple CEO Steve Jobs introducing John Carmack on stage, who showed off a few new screenshots of id Tech 4, including some from the Doom 3.[3][4] It was later demonstrated at E3 in 2002 using an ATI Radeon 9700, where a 15-minute gameplay demo was shown in a small theater.[5][6] It won awards at E3 that year. Betruger (with spectacles) pushing his way past a couple security guard to initiate a test run.However, from 2001-2003, Direct X 8.0 capable video cards were extremely expensive, never spawning a mass market version like their Direct X 7.0 predecessors, putting them out of the range of all but the most hardcore gamers.For instance, the Ge Force 3 and Ge Force 4 Ti lines never spawned mainstream versions, while the Radeon 8500's mass-market derivative in the Radeon 9000 did not have the best performance.

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