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The game is parodied in the 1996 The Simpsons episode, "Summer of 4 Ft. It is the inspiration for the TV series Mad Men episode "Mystery Date" (2012).

The plot uses the game's themes of dating, masculine desirability, and Russian roulette approach to opening a door as a metaphor.

Your crushes are there and are all "So glad you're here! What it taught us: A wine cooler and someone's parents' basement—this is the only way you can feel alive.

Mystery Date is a board game from the Milton Bradley Company released in 1965, conceived by Marvin Glass and created by Henry Stan.

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WTF aspect: After all that work, you make it to the party.The game is presented in the Season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars.Season 4 episode 21, titled "Prank Day", of That '70s Show features the game.Imaginary crowds cheered me, A thunderous silence, Between the foretelling of a deed And its beginning; I saw Fifteen virgins yet to be sacrificed, All wondering if I were the one.I kept traveling — there was no end In any sight I could understand, Fire, air, earth and water Swirling in a dirty, hot, muggy wind Reminding me that from dust I was made, and to dust, I shall return.

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