Teaching the methods of absolute dating

When the music stopped, a few pupils had to be standing on each piece of sugar paper.They could then uncover the question and work out how they would answer it.In the late autumn of 2005 a sponsor of Pestalozzi World ( introduced me to Sir Richard Butler who asked me, in my capacity as a Pestalozzi specialist, to support Education Consultant to Pestalozzi World, Joanna Nair.The object is to teach the Pestalozzi World students about Pestalozzi and in the Pestalozzi spirit, while encouraging the schools involved to adopt Pestalozzis principles and consequently to compile teaching and learning aids for the implementation of Pestalozzis ideas in school and educational practice. Nair and I discussed the various aspects of the projects for two days and finally came to the conclusion that (amongst other things) I ought to explain how school lessons should be planned if Pestalozzis ideas are really to be taken seriously. I am assuming the reader has already studied both my articles of fundamental importance A Biography of Pestalozzi and The Fundamental Ideas of Pestalozzi.At first Pestalozzi simply described these as a method, later more clearly and comprehensibly as a concept of elementary education.

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A further advantage of the one-room school of great importance today is that the older pupils find it perfectly natural to show consideration towards the younger ones and that the latter find it perfectly natural to let the older ones help them.When the pupils came into the classroom, they all had to write a question, which was related to the topic we had been doing, on a slip of paper.These all went into a plastic screw top jar which became our “parcel” for Pass the Parcel.Then he can decide how far my subjective experience and reflections can accompany his own teaching and educational practice: From 1950 1954 I attended teacher-training college where I gained both theoretical and practical experience in Pestalozzis teaching method.I had the good fortune to be taught by one of the best Pestalozzi experts of that time, Otto Mller, who knew how to arouse my interest in Pestalozzis life and way of thinking.

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