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Please leave your applications on the threads of this post to be entered. Server IP: .248 Hamachi Network Name: Baby_Server1 - Baby_Server4 Find out the password when you apply and have been approved! In the application add your IGN, Age, Why you wanna join, have you ever griefed or hacked?Hello My ingame name is drailaltemose and I'm 18 yrs old.I looked at the ceiling, which was staying in one spot as the floors descended. The walls expanded to keep the illusion going, and I had to say I was impressed. And then people’s heads came into my field of view, then their necks, and then upper body. So I have always been interested about ABDL stuff and recently on a build server I was on a group of people were RPing like DLs. so out of curiosity I looked up ABDL servers and now im here I love Roleplaying and Being a baby so may I please join your server. And You can have any baby skins at all aslong as it isnt derp skins.Hello my in game name is megaweasel and I am 14 I want to join the server because I have had no luck finding this kind of server I don't grief and I hacked but it was about a year ago and I would not even remember how to hack I also want to ask if you have to make your skin or if you can just download a skin if its not derp Hello there WELCOME TO THE SERVER! I make baby skins anyway so if you want one you can have it!Everyone is with someone else, and talking to them would be forcing a third wheel in the mix, and no one likes a third wheel. I had been standing in line for the haunted house for about 15 minutes now swearing that if I rounded another corner filled with people standing around like zombies, I was going to leave and try again when the park got less crowded.

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