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They were good girls and helped Daddy as much as three and five-year old girls can. It may need to be heated up a bit but a couple of minutes in the microwave should do it." she said, matter-of-factly. Becky left to go home and I went to see what she had prepared for me for dinner. She came slinking in from the other room, her head lowered slightly and looking at me with her eyes fixed and looking at me through the tops of them like a jaguar stalking it's prey. Her hand found my cock and she squeezed it through my slacks, moaning again as she felt how hard it was.

My wife was supposed to be gone for a week but maybe longer, it would depend on what happened with her sister. As I sat there eating the dinner she prepared I thought more about the new babysitter. I will see you tomorrow morning." She left and I finished the last bit of cleanup before hitting the sack myself. I hope you don't mind, but I have a date right after you come home tonight and won't have time to go home and change," she said. I will try to get home as soon as I can then," I said. After keeping her late the day before and knowing she had a date this evening, I didn't want her to miss her date on my account! She was drop dead gorgeous in that red skintight tank dress. My cock jumped as she held it, demanding its freedom. I swooped her young hard body into my arms and took her into the bedroom.

My wife, Amy, had left to go see her sister for a few days, apparently her and her husband were having some marriage troubles and she wanted to be there to support her. My cock instantly stirred to life as I rubbed the jelly off her face. Davis." she said, looking up at me with those beautiful emerald eyes. I knew you were a warm, caring man and you are definitely the sexiest man I ever met. "If we are being honest here I find you very attractive and dressed like this, sexy as well. Putting a hand behind her head I crushed my lips to her as she opened her mouth to receive my tongue to play with hers. I could feel the young girl's passion as I held her close, her heart was racing and her breathing ragged.

That left me at home to watch our two little girls Sarah, who was three and Paula, who was five. She closed her eyes and I could swear I heard an almost imperceptible moan come from her too. What appeared next was not the Becky I left that morning. I was just hoping that you saw me the same way." she said looking down again. I know that it is wrong, you are young enough to be my daughter..." "I want you. I was beginning to get aroused as well and my cock was stiff, hard and throbbing, eager to come out and play.

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So I had to figure out what I was going to do with the girls. I'll figure something out." I said, trying to keep from showing how big a mess I was in. Davis, if you want I have a friend who might be interested. I trust you and if you say she is ok then yes call her up and see if she'll do it. "Up on the bed sweetheart," I told her and she wasted no time climbing into the bed and laying herself out, legs spread and ready for me. I wiped a smudge of jelly from her cheek, obviously put there by one of the girls while eating. I saw how you looked at me yesterday, and I felt you when you bumped into me by the refrigerator. Oh wait, you have something on your cheek." I said.I tried to make it an "adventure" for them so they wouldn't know anything was wrong. And whatever you are paying Lisa is fine with me too." Becky said. They were a little disappointed that their friend Lisa was the one to watch them, but excited to meet someone new. That was a mistake - the girl sounded as hot on the phone now as she was in person! It was cut high, just to the bottom of her ribcage, and she had on lowrider cutoff jeans and wedge type sandals with thin pink ankle straps. " she said as I stared at her standing in my doorway. At lunchtime I called the house again to check on the girls. It's the least I can do to thank you for the overtime," I said, hoping she would say yes. "Becky you already have a degree in child care if you ask me! "You are great with Sarah and Paula and they seem to like you as well." "Thank you, Mr. I turned and was going to walk over to get the rest of the pizza when I bumped into her from behind. I was mortified as I stood there unable to say anything for the longest time. "Oh my God," I said, without even thinking about it. I took one hard nipple into my mouth an sucked and licked on the young bud until it was so hard it was almost painful.That was one of the main reasons that me and Amy didn't want to girls to go along. You see my wife is out-of-town for the week and I will need someone to watch our two girls during the day while I am at work. About a quarter to seven the doorbell rang and I answered it. I was a cheerleader in school and smoking wasn't allowed in the cheerleader squad." I covered a few other things and then, satisfied with her answers, I took her into the dining room where my girls were eating breakfast. There's Paula here who is the oldest, and Sarah, here who is our youngest." I said. I struggled through the rest of the day and the end of the work day finally came at last. I tried to think of my wife and how young the girl in my house was. From a father's standpoint she was far too scantily dressed, but from a man's standpoint she was fucking sizzling! I knew that I would be home later than usual that night and asked Becky if she would mind staying there till I got home. Not a hard bump, but she did feel the bulge of my cock in the crack of her ass for a second. She moaned and pulled my head into her harder, then moved my head over to give her other nipple some loving.

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