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The spa attendant takes the couple into a large changing area, where she points to one of the dozens of dressing rooms.The husband and wife disrobe in the room and exit wearing their rented peach-colored towels.Folks in various stages of undress pop into saunas while others down the precious local mineral water.Nothing makes me feel more self confident than wearing a beautiful dress and some killer heels.So what about you girls, ready to fight the cold for the sake of fashion ?Inlovewithfashion dress Mixage heels Rocks Paper Metal necklace Balmain watch Sal y Limon bracelet (you can win a set of these here) Rien de tel qu’une belle robe et une paire de talons super hauts pour booster la confiance en soi.It ends in the dimmed light of the relaxation room where guests, wrapped snugly in a warm blanket, can bask in the beauty of the mountains of the Lower Engadine.The outdoor pool has the added advantage of superb views of the Lower Engadine Dolomites and Piz Pisoc, a mountain in the Sesvenna Range of the Alps and the highest mountain in the Swiss National Park.

A soap and brush massage to cleanse the skin and stimulate the circulation along with a body creaming station are all part of the ritual.The Engadine Bad Scuol was Switzerland’s first Roman-Irish bath, which melds two distinct European bathing traditions.While the Romans swore by the relaxing properties of steam baths at various temperatures, the Irish placed their faith in hot, dry air.Nudity is taken for granted at Switzerland's famous Engadine Bad Scuol, a destination wellness, and therapy center in the resort town of Scuol known for its Roman-Irish baths.People have been making pilgrimages to this Swiss spa town since the mid-1300s, and today five of the town’s fountains continue to dispense the area's precious mineral water.

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