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There are a series of events that happen in every relationship.Some make it all the way to the Happily Ever After, others don’t make it past the dating phase.In 2006 however, he completed a drug treatment program at the Betty Ford Center, essentially kicking the habit. READ MORE Once again, there's a place you can go ... He has remained drug-free since that time and now regularly speaks about the dangers of drug abuse. The first album contained the hit "San Francisco." Willis left the group in 1979 and returned in 1984 for the album "Fox on the Box." Willis left the group for good in 1985. In 1978, he married Phylicia Rashad,better known as The Cosby Show (1984)'s Clair Huxtable. An accomplished Broadway actor, Willis was in the original Broadway production of The Wiz, and such other major plays as Hair, River Niger, Three Gentlemen of Verona, and The Great Mac Daddy to name a few.In fact, Victor Willis and Phylicia Rashad met while they were both cast members of "The Wiz," after which they soon starting dating and eventually wed. because the singer from the Village People is UNBANNING the Clippers from playing his song, now that Donald Sterling…

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Which is why I say our relationship has hit this plateau of sorts. He said that since the ball is in his court it is up to when when he pops the question, which is true.BUT WHAT HE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND is that we fast forward all the other steps.Ya’ll are in a serious relationship, there is a great deal of commitment between the two of ya’ll now and you are getting ready to make everything “official” with the next step. We “dated” for 2 more weeks before I moved in with him.This stage takes how ever long it needs to take, a few months to a few years. You start planning your wedding, visiting family, looking for houses (if you don’t already have one), planning for that happily ever after that you have always dreamed about. so we covered 3 out of the 5 steps (which on average takes 1.5-2 years) in a period of 1 month. Well, I’m moving away from my family, friends, and any kind of help they can offer to move across the country with him. About three months ago I sat down with E and asked him what his intentions were.

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