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Drugs, human trafficking and failed adolescent experimentation could be other possible rationales.

Sex work/ Prostitution is not legalised in Sri Lanka.

Should sex workers be given legal recognition or should they continue to be as they are?

What are the real reasons behind the demanding of legal rights for sex work?

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But he has gone on to become a Gold medalist at the Junior National Level Championship for Rifle Shooting in 1995, winner of several boxing medals, Executive Advisor to the Ministry of Social Services in Sri Lanka and a successful entrepreneur.

When the Daily Mirror inquired whether every female engaged in the sex trade was contet, she assured that they were. The availability of a prostitute is a way of satisfying a human desire.

If my son wants to have sex, he cannot go to the girl next door.

That is one of the main methods of income for such families”.I have two sons to nurture and I have to do something to ensure their well being.Their education, health and comfort are the priorities in my mind.We are often filled with news about brothels being raided and prostitutes being arrested.Organisations such as Centre for Sex Worker’s Rights (CSWR) and women’s rights activists have been demanding legal rights in order to create a recognised position for them in society.

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