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Guarnizo, " Los Dominicanyorks : The Making of a Binational Society," Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Volume 533, 1994, p. Those emigrants, most of whom came to the United States, were the first of many Dominicans who have come in ever-increasing numbers in the past several decades.

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Twice, the United States invaded and occupied the Caribbean island, first from 1916 to 1924, and again in 1965.

In those ten years, more than 250,000 Dominicans were legally admitted to the United States. Census reported that of the 506,000 persons of Dominican descent in the United States, the vast majority were Dominican-born.

The number of new immigrants in that ten-year period was 50 percent greater than the entire Dominican-born population of the United States at the start of the decade. Thus the Dominican American community is primarily an immigrant community and, indeed, a community of recent immigrants.

Barbados in the seventeenth century and Saint Dominque (now called Haiti) in the eighteenth century became centers of sugar production and generated great wealth for the British and French planters who worked those lands.

It was not until the nineteenth century that Santo Domingo became a central presence in the Western Hemisphere.

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