Sexy ai chat bots

Tay soon discovered that the Internet can be a dark and foul-mouthed place, and maybe too much for innocent sweet chat bots.

Within one day it had a big Twitter meltdown and was offending almost everything and everyone.

Kip the shop bot is currently available to connect to Slack (who themselves have their own slack-bot integrated in the chat for every team) and Telegram.

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A smart building AI that becomes attracted to Marge and decides to get rid of Homer, attempting to kill him by dumping him into the dining room table’s garbage disposal — many of the common fears of what an AI eventually will do to Anna from IKEA here, often used by banks or insurance companies to provide visitors with another form of customer service.

But romance and real affection between human and AI was themed in two excellent films Spike Jonze’s Her and Alex Garland’s Ex Machina.

I am in the camp that is concerned about super intelligence.

It’s all too easy for bot builders to assume the general public ‘knows’ the privacy characteristics of our creations.

It is however an important topic that needs to be clarified and attributed with the rise of new tech platforms.

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