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I do love it by the way, it's my signature scent, but too many people expect it to be unicorn tears or life changing. As soon as I sniffed this I realised it was the smell of every aggressive, overbearing, roid-raging, meat-headed, gym bunny type of guy I have ever backed away from (nervously) over the past decade.It can be though, a small sample and card from 2016 blew my mind from the skull cavity, got me into the fragrance world and started my journey. Creed is a prestige house, Aventus is a legendary bestseller for them, I *love* wearing some men's colognes and the thought of a pineapple scent intrigued me. "Assertive" isn't in it - this is just the pure reek of the kind of man who truly believes "Ultimate Power" is a life goal!So they are asking for nearly twice as much money based on demand, but the quality is more than half as bad as it used to be! I purchased 5 different batches from 2016 to 2017 and they all last about 3 hours and then nearly disappear into thin air, and it is not olfactory fatigue either.I have other people telling me they can't smell it and have to dig their nose in to even get a hint.Maybe it's just a younger generation that is leaning away from the stereotypical masculine scents?Fair enough, different strokes and all, but this one really smells like something a grandmother might have liked in the 1920's.9.7/10 *The truth about Creed Aventus..of New Addicts/Beginners don't knw that this smells nothing like the first creation of 2010... However, varying performance between batches is indicative of basic QC issues and frankly, unacceptable at the 250-300 gbp ask.

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I get Apple/Pineapple/General Fruit, Baby Powder, and the classic Creed smooth drydown (basically smells like GIT at the very end, which is not a bad thing)..of smells like a Fruit based Drugstore shampoo to me for the first hour or so.Correct me if i'm wrong: If you are not a businessmen or entrepreneur, suit and ties or gala event. (And the answer is yes, I have tested it and all I get is a conventional concept explored before). It definitely smells like smokey pineapple, but also smells a lot like freshly cut grass. It also has pretty decent longevity (5-8 hours) and sillage (a few feet for a few hours).this is not for you : P Don't get me wrong but I think this fragrance is overrated and overpriced. This being said, I have received many bad reactions from this scent.Heart: rose, dry birch, Moroccan jasmine and patchouli. Aventus is available in flacons of 30, 75, 120 and 250 ml. Aventus was created by Olivier Creed Sixth Generation and Erwin Creed Seventh Generation.I can't be an advocate for this fragrance anymore, it's become mainstream, overpriced and diluted by cheaper ingredients all the while they continue to boost the price.

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