Rules in islam about dating

Dating is a relatively recent phenomenon and it is something a lot of people do when they are single.

But for Muslims, almost all the Islamic scholars say no to it. Because when we look at its basic definition, it does not respect the teachings of Islam.

No one said you can’t start a relationship, no, but it should come with a purpose. The purpose must rest in finding someone who meets the values and goals you have for a future spouse.

This purpose is one of the important things that will ever happen in your entire life. This verse of the Holy Quran made everything clear for us. Looking at the statement, it is a direct command from Allah.

At this stage, your primary focus should be to observe each other to see whether you fit for marriage.

So, the conversation between the two of you should focus on the purpose only.

Is it to get you to be seen by your peers as someone who is modern and cool?

Or it just makes you feel better about yourself knowing someone ‘really’ likes you? As a Muslim, no reason is valid enough for a relationship than trajectory towards marriage.

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The Holy Prophet encouraged getting to know a woman before marrying her but in a permissible manner.But that’s not always true; it is easy said than done.Never trust your Nafs (self-discipline) as temptations become relentless when the situation unfolds itself.The Holy Prophet already made this clear in a hadith that: The truth is that you don’t need to be alone before you can talk.In fact, when you are alone together, you won’t be talking.

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