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Guillaume of Jumiges records that, after the death of Turstinus cognomento Scitellus, Normanni principes chose Ranulfum et Richardum as their leaders A second wave of arrivals from Normandy in the mid-1030s included the sons of Tancred de Hauteville who emerged as leaders of the Norman immigrants.Orderic Vitalis names Turstinus cognomento Citellus et Ragnulfus, Richardus Anschetilli de Quadrellis filius, filii...Tancredi de Alta-Villa: Drogo...atque Umfridus, Willermus et Hermannus, Rotbertus cognomento Wiscardus et Rogerius et sex fratres eorum, Willermus de Monsteriolo et Ernaldus de Grentemaisnilio among those who left Normandy and settled in Apulia, although it is unlikely that all these individuals arrived at the same time (particularly the sons of Tancred de Hauteville who, as can be verified from other primary sources, arrived in two waves).Tancreds son, Guillaume, was elected count in Sep 1042.It is unclear whether this passage means that Melus was recognised from that time as duke of Apulia, a title later granted to him by Emperor Heinrich II.Lupus Protospatarius records that "Turnichi catepani" fought "cum Mele et Normannis Leo Patiano exubitus" in 1017, and 22 Jun of the same year defeated "Melem et Normannos" when "Patiano" died.

However, by the early 11th century, the Muslims had lost all their territory in Southern Italy, although they still held the island of Sicily.It was seen by the declining empire of Byzantium as a significant threat to its security, and by the Pope as a useful counter-balance to the troublesome kings of Germany.It should be noted that the kingdom is referred to invariably in primary sources, throughout most of its history, as "the kingdom of Sicily" despite most of its territory being in the mainland of southern Italy and its capital being the city of Naples.He was offered the Sicilian crown by the inhabitants of Sicily in August 1282 and at the end of that month landed at Trapani to take his kingdom. An Aragonese fleet defeated the Angevin forces in the bay of Naples and captured Charles d'Anjou Principe di Salerno, heir to the Anjou-Capet kingdom.The dispute escalated, and the two rival kingdoms of Sicily continued in existence side by side until the death of the Angevin Queen Jeanne II without direct heirs in 1435.

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