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Regina Daniels wrote; "1st of all, THANK YOU LORD for vindicating me. Back to the issue at hand ..said producer has been caught with his accomplice.

I also want to say a big thank you to all my fans who stood by me. He was tracked by one of his victims who came to my location because she was also duped.

I am not aware that she has responded to this but many things have happened since I made that post.

Regina still insists she's being impersonated and has come out to deny ever knowing the Richy Adams guy who claims to be a nollywood producer based in Asaba.

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Pls gently cat walk to the A Division in asaba to prove your accusations. End of matter, I am not police, I have done my part, let the police do their part, as for police wanting me,they know where to find me.. "Madam celebrity, so you are threatening your fellow teenager with uploading her nudes if she does not sleep with a producer.I advice you acquaint yourself with the cyber crime laws.I am taking up this case and will be suing you for blackmail and sex trafficking of a minor after which I will take your pathetic career to the cleaners. Let me see just one picture of her anywhere that is nude, you , your mother, your brother, casie and the Richy Adams will spend new year in Jail. And for your actions, I am opening a file about you, woe be tide you, I find out you are pimping more girls or blackmailing them......" Knowing it was a verified account, the idea was to see if the numbers above would react to the message.They are probably the only authorities who can approach the networks to verify the names behind those blackmailing numbers.At the end of the day, a case of cyber blackmail has been established and it is up to the police to do due diligence and unravel the real culprits.

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