Quik dirty chat

Russian – I have a thing for Russian chicks and Eastern European chicks in general.

Their apple faces and chiclet teeth make my loins sing.

Don't waste your time spending hours on message exchange lines, hardly any of the girls there want to talk dirty so why try for hours when you can connect with our slutty, dirty talking girls in seconds.

Her barrage of caustic rudeness will shock you and leave lesser men reeling.

I assume it counts for some fraction of my interactions with them, but since most of the foreigners I met were in the US at the time and surrounded by “exotic” American men I don’t think that advantage played much role.

The following observations are based on the foreign girls I have been with for more than a one night stand.

All of them were recent (less than one year) emigres.

Feel free to extend these gross generalizations to the entire ethnic group.

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