Quickgps not updating

Thanks for the support, I will try to implement more things soon! Enjoy Hi all I've just released a (inexpensive 1.79$) Pro-Version of this app.

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With that complete the Tom Tom unit will automatically start downloading any workouts upon completion if the phone is within range and the app is opened up.The intention to release such functionality had been announced back in December, though without a specific timeframe attached to it.I’ve been using the app for the past week, giving it a bit of a whirl after recent runs and rides. Note that this makes for the second company to introduce GPS watch workout to phone synchronization (the first being Garmin, Polar would make for the third upon release of their V800 in April).Elevation/height: - Meter - Feet Heading: - Degree (not reliable in low speeds) Vibration: - Option to turn on or off Vibration on GPS capture or loss Option for 'app always on' available Option to show either the time of the last known position OR the time ago (in sec/min/hours) since then Option to show last known position on Startup IMPORTANT: If you have a Bluetooth connection available to your phone and GPS on on your phone, it is using your phone's Position.Turn off Bluetooth (and GPS on on your phone) to use the phone's GPS.

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