Quebec adult cam

The previous evening when filling a few feeders, I caught a glimpse of a large-dark hummingbird that I thought might be a violetear. Sure enough, I saw the bird in question trying to visit a feeder but other birds immediately chased it off. Enjoy these pictures (obviously Michael Gray’s pictures are the ones to “die for”, but one of these days I will up my game! We figured that it would not be possible due to internet connectivity limitations; however, a check with the local provider found otherwise and the project was given a green light.

We carry on his legacy in our banding projects and I know that he smiles ever time a band is placed on a hummingbird’s leg.

Here is my farewell picture of Bob holding a banded White-eared Hummingbird in Davis Mountains of west Texas in 2007.

We only have a couple of months to go on the current banding year.

On the day the Amethyst-throated Hummingbird was spotted, Charles Floyd, had come up for a very timely visit.

Shortly after sitting down on the front porch I spotted a different looking bird trying to feed at one of the feeders hanging off the front deck.

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