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If not accurate, return it to the Russian Embassy or Consulate for correction.Visa restrictions are strictly enforced and it's virtually impossible to amend visa details once you're in Russia.With the exception of some commercial cruise ship passengers (see below), Australian citizens must obtain a visa before entering Russia. Australians attending a 2018 FIFA World Cup match can enter Russia using their Fan ID (presented with a valid passport), which will act as a multi-entry visa for the duration of the tournament.Australians not attending 2018 FIFA World Cup matches must obtain the appropriate visa before entering Russia.Ensure your visa type reflects your intended activities.You may be detained at the border and denied entry into Russia if your visa type doesn't match the purpose of your visit.If provided a migration card in paper form, keep the stamped exit portion of the card with your passport, as you'll need to provide it to passport control on your departure.

Apply for the correct visa type, noting the distinction between various visa types, such as 'tourist' and 'visitor' visas.To arrange a new visa: If you replace your passport while in Russia, ensure your visa is transferred into the new passport.Make sure you leave Russia before your visa expires.Discuss your travel plans with your cruise operator well in advance of travel and check whether you need to obtain a Russian visa.If you transit through Russia on the way to a third country, check transit visa requirements.

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