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It’s prudent to exchange a few e-mails with potential partners before meeting or chatting on the phone—just remember that some people don’t express themselves well in text.Agree to chat on the phone if the match seems feasible even if you don’t feel a spark from the e-mails.In fact, the fastest-growing segment of online daters is people over age 50.But there are many pitfalls that can get in the way of a successful online dating experience. The profile and photos that you post on a dating site will determine whether potential partners take an interest in you. Focus instead on what you’re looking for in a partner and a relationship and what you enjoy doing.Select photos that make you seem warm, friendly and approachable, not hot and sultry.Include at least one photo that gives some indication of your overall body.

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Don’t worry about “chemistry” too much when you exchange e-mails.It shows that you are family-oriented, something many potential partners in the over-50 age group find appealing. Posting sexy, revealing photos might seem like a good way to attract a mate, but in my experience, it usually does more harm than good.Such photos are particularly likely to scare off people looking for a relationship, not just a fling.If the phone call is enjoyable, agree to meet in person even if that spark is still lacking—sometimes chemistry doesn’t appear until couples meet in person.Jane, 52, thought Mark, 67, was too old for her as they exchanged e-mails and chatted on the phone.

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    Ingenuity has a network like no other, and this extends to partnership professionals in the brand marketing world.

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    “I like everyone to meet each other and be friends and stuff,” he explains.

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    So, if after reading previous passages you came here, it means that single mom and dating doesn't sound to you like something that doesn't go together hand in hand.