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For more information or to book a quiz, just get in touch.FIND YOUR NEAREST PUB SHOW IN VIC | NSW | ACT | QLD | SA | WA | TAS Our multimedia pub shows are all about getting bums on seats in your venue (especially on those nights of the week that might otherwise be a tad on the slow side), and we know just how to do it.We even have a weekly Facebook question built into each and every pub quiz (for our 10k followers to bag some bonus points) as well as our monthly #funfungamegame comp, offering awesome prizes from kick-ass sponsors like Chappeli bikes. FIND YOUR NEAREST PUB SHOW IN VIC | NSW | QLD | SA | WA | TAS Combine all this with the creative point-of-sale we offer to help you draw a crowd right from your very first show, and you've got a no-holds-barred, cracking night out that'll have them flocking. Do you live for the smell of fresh parma, luke-warm ale, and the sweet, sweaty love of a good tipsy punter? We're continually searching for excellent trivia hosts to populate the ever-growing list of venues comprising our burgeoning, only-a-little-bit-evil empire.FIND YOUR NEAREST PUB SHOW IN VIC | NSW | QLD | SA | WA | TAS No other trivia company offers content that so perfectly captures the essence of pub culture (although occasionally our "competitors" do try to poach an idea or two). Because when it comes to pub trivia it's this simple: we're far and away the best there is. So if you think you can cut the proverbial mustard, why not fill out this handy Expression of Interest form so that we can let you know when we'll be opening applications and holding auditions in your state.Nor will you find a bunch of guys anywhere in Australia who'll work as hard as we do to ensure that weekly content not only remains energised and surprising all year round, but that it's delivered expertly to punters by the very best trivia hosts out there, with the latest i OS touchscreen technology in their hands - no more clunky old DVD players. If you want to see more of what we can do for your venue, check out these excellent pics or watch our Pub Quiz Promo Video. Before you can even say "minimum wage" you too could be enjoying the many perks of the ancient order of Quiz Meisters hosts*. The ancient order of Quiz Meisters hosts is not a thing. The Lunch Quiz is our daily ten-question quiz, delivered direct to your inbox each and every weekday, free of charge.Hell, why not test your knowledge with this interactive show sample? Taking our cue from popular daily newspaper quizzes, The Lunch Quiz improves on the established printed format by providing an unprecedented level of interactivity, and instant access from any and all desktop and handheld devices.And there's more to recommend us as cyber-pals than you might think. Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | You Tube When it comes to multimedia trivia, we're the best there is.For example, we promise never to bombard your feed with hundreds of identical pictures of inanimate gross purple turnips ( Also, you can score bonus points and sweet-ass prizes courtesy of some excellent ongoing comps like Panda's Doodle on Instagram. We know that's a hell of a claim but we're not in the habit of blowing our own shiny horns unless we really feel it's justified.

A Quiz Meisters co-founder, Pete is responsible for keeping things up-to-scratch and on schedule, as well as training many of our hosts, and handling all the administrative duties that so confound the rest of us our eyes glaze over any time he attempts to describe what that entails.

After all, we've been successfully running pub trivia all over Australia for a decade now.

The Fitzroy Beer Garden (VIC), The Oxford Tavern (NSW), The Rosemount (WA), The Leicester (SA), and The Fox (QLD) represent just a fraction of the vast spectrum of venues currently running Quiz Meisters trivia nationwide.

Illustration, type design, photography: you name it, he’s watched a You Tube video about how to do it sort of and then charged money for it. Lover of craft beer and women everywhere, Nick is an avid vintage camera collector, serial television enthusiast, dedicated vegequarian and part-time cat-owner.

Being the handsome, tech-savvy blokes we are, it won't surprise you to know you can keep abreast of all things Quiz Meisters on a variety of social media platforms.

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