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Paul stresses repeatedly that one of the incredible benefits of being taken out in the Rapture is that you get to miss the entire wrath of the Great Tribulation.But Matthew tells us that the Second Coming is “after the Tribulation of those days”. If the Rapture and the Second Coming are the same event, then these verses represent an irreconcilable difference.If Matthew knew and wrote about the Rapture of the Church, then Paul was lying when he said it was a MYSTERY that he was revealing for the first time in Corinthians.At the Rapture of the Church, great personal and physical change takes place for the believer.The verse in Matthew 24 where the apostles ask Jesus about the “sign of thy coming” is a direct reference to the Second Coming.

Again, the differences here could not be more apparent.

But for you who are ” fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken” then we have added another 9 rock-solid reasons why the Rapture of the Church and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ cannot be the same event.

In both John and Paul’s writings, the promise of a “heavenly home” awaits for the born again Christian. But in the Second Coming, a thousand year kingdom is established on Earth, known as the Kingdom of Heaven.

Christians are never promised an earthly home, but an heavenly one.

The Jews and Tribulation saints were never promised that, they get instead a home on the Earth.

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