Online dating in new zealand

May err slightly on the side of cynical, but a generally upbeat soul who is fun to be around...

..A New Zealand woman with nine allegedly unrestrained children and three intoxicated adults in her car refused to stop for police on Sunday night - and is now facing chargers including reckless driving.

On top of the thousands of likes and shares are hundreds of comments from people commenting on how much they love what they have done.'You guys are the sexiest bunch of librarians working in one place that I have ever seen!!

Even in a spoof shot lol [sic],' one woman wrote on the Facebook page.'Note to self: Buy enough money to move to NZ and get a job at this library.

They first shot to fame as teenagers on Australian Idol.

But as well as gaining national fame, it appears musicians Stan Walker and Jessica Mauboy got a long-time friendship out of the reality show.

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