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His mother Rose bought the property again in 1966 and set about re-creating its 1917 décor and attempting to re-capture a relatively innocent period, years before a series of tragic events scarred the seemingly-charmed lives of the Kennedy clan.

Joe Jr., who shared the bedroom with his younger brother Jack (as JFK was known by his family), also met a violent death; he was killed in 1944 during a Second World War bombing raid.

It sits on the Cape Cod National Seashore, and the National Park Service is trying to develop it for community use as the Highlands Center.

Until then, the old buildings will be a great spot for urban exploring.

However, the radar installation still functions was part of the Federal Aviation Administration/NORAD Joint Surveillance System, routing information to FAA and Air Force control centers.

Federal troops received their ‘war wages’ here and Louis Philippe, future king of France, gave ladies language lessons by the fireplace before it began serving seafood in 1826.

The land the tower sits on later became part of the North Truro Air Force Station.

Constructed shortly after World War II, the site was part of the Air Defense Command (ADC).

If they’re not too distracted by the view of the Atlantic Ocean, they might notice what looks like a giant chess rook and golf ball standing in a field near the Highland lighthouse.

The stone tower, which stands 70 feet tall and looks like it was taken from a European castle, is actually part of a train station.

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