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No one can issue an apology like Lena Dunham — a skill that comes from years of practice.While her preferred platform for apologizing has been Instagram, she took to Twitter last night to say that she is “so sorry” for defending Murray Miller, the In May 2016, Dunham wrote a personal essay for Linked In — she’s an official Linked In influencer!

Proper research on women aren’t in top jobs by @suecowley on the machoisation of education Kp-w N @debrakidd’s take on her experiences @annashipman on encouraging women to speak at conferences I always like it when men notice too – sometimes there’s tumbleweed on the twittersphere but this is great; he refused to be a keynote speaker when he looked back at previous guests one of the most sensible heads I’ve encountered on Twitter @Ros Mc M The always great writer @miss_mcinerney reminds us how gender disparity works both ways This is great – Joan and John – composite experiences of two research lecturers (thanks to @Pamela Snow2 for this) is a great blog by Summer Turner (@ragazza_inglese) on a teacher’s duty to challenge stereotypes: And my original post: Ugv-Z Thanks to @gazneedle for his shamazing illustrations.Here are some hashtags, twitter handles and blogs to have a look at.Good to follow on gendered toys and books (these people are really changing how manufacturers and book sellers advertise) @lettoysbetoys #lettoysbetoys @letbooksbebooks @pinkstinksuk A campaign which challenges stereotypes and limiting roles to young girls.Twitter has hashtags # These took me over a year to work out (I’m a slow learner) and I hadn’t realised how useful they were or, how important they are in a conversation.Picking up a thread if everyone has used the hashtag allows you a good overview. #notamosque highlighted UKIP’s error in thinking Westminster Cathedral was a mosque and people began tweeting pictures of random buildings. You may have also noticed #ostentatiousbreastfeeding following Claridges’ request for a woman breastfeeding to cover herself up with the the largest, starchiest napkin you’ve ever seen.

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