No login fuck

I politely but firmly threw that idea out the window.

Another friend of mine—usually a clear, competitive, take no second prizes type—said something along the lines of this: maybe in hanging out as friends, he would start to like me again (as in like, want-to-date like).” So my passwords look like there, dudes), but let’s think about this for a moment. It has a pretty picture using paint mixing.) While my key is still protected by a password, the experience is radically different in a few critical ways. Text-only technology built into every Unix-ish machine in the world makes the current state of Web logins look like a sad joke.I have the choice of either making my passwords so memorable and reused that i’m at a grave security risk, or of making them so secure that i need a to store them for me. Granted, i’m pretty tired of having to pick unique names and verify my email address for every service i sign up for, too. :) Unfortunately it’s a bit difficult to implement something like this on the Web as-is.I think the only real solution here lies in some distributed identity thingamajig, but nobody with the resources to pull off something usable is inclined to do so.I try to use Open ID when i can, but it causes no end of confusion for people, and small projects don’t really have the influence to fix a whole fundamental paradigm.

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