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We marveled at the gorgeous female form and delicate peachy color of the bottle before I opened the box and sprayed on my arm (as did she). (This perfume's sillage to me feels like the equivalent of putting one of those heavily scented garbage bags over your head.) I will give props where they are due though--the longevity is legendary and ridiculously hard to shake. This is one of the only ginger notes I can stand, and that's probably because of how excellently it pairs with Classique's gentle sweet flowers and gummy anise note.

Anyway, I love the dry oil version because it's soft and wonderful to wear to bed or when I'm spending a night in cuddling with my SO, but I'll definitely test the perfume soon.

In the mean time I will enjoy wearing my other lovely perfumes :). If time and space had allowed I'm sure this is what Marilyn Monroe would have worn to bed. Classy, sweet, tender, fragile and strong at the same time, with just the perfect amount of artificial beauty, just like Marilyn's blond hair dye. It's the creamy and divine orange blossom that does it for me every time.

Soft like her voice, loud like Andy Warhol's paintings, timeless and beautiful. Anise and bergamot opens up with spiciness, orange blossom and tangerine adds sweetness while rose and pear milds the first spray.

Vanilla and sensual amber gently embrace in the base. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Cavallier. I really loved the scent when I smelled the spray nozzle from the sample I got.

It was all creamy goodness, I didn't smell something similar before.

I love Le Male, think it's far more better executed, but still - yep, this deserves the label "a classic" as well.

I wish anise and overall sweetness would tone down a little and cinnamon would be more prominent - that I would prefer more.I haven't smelled this for many years as when i got down to the last drops, i gave the bottle away to a collector. It's one of my fave bottles as its very shapely and feminine. I can't remember the actual notes in this but i know i'll never buy it or wear it ever again as it's just not for me.I wasn't into fragrances back then as i am now and i should've kept it as it was my first LOL. :-) Just came to say that I am IN LOVE (again) with this lovely Cavallier creation.Ignore the disclaimer in my previous review : D I have an adorable but unpractical mini bottle of EDT so keep in mind that's the one I'm talking about, I don't know what's the difference between the two.It doesn't agree with my skin at all, it's so faint yet a bit sharp and not very pleasant.

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