Moms and dads for education to stop teen dating abuse

Here are six signs to look for: If you suspect your child might be in an unhealthy relationship, Dominy says to approach the discussion from a place of curiosity rather than blame; focus on your teen and not the abuser; and ask questions like, "How is your relationship going?" To get help for your teen or for more information, visit Thats Not and

Abusers may even target individuals who they notice aren’t functioning well and might be easier to control.

But that puppy love turned into a nightmare several months after they began dating, when her boyfriend raped her in a bathtub.

Feeling helpless and alone, Gabby, who spoke on the condition that only her first name be used, stayed with her boyfriend.

“So it’s both a consequence of being victimized in the first place that puts you at risk and perpetrators seeing these people as more vulnerable.” Victims shouldn’t be blamed for the abuse, he added.

“If you get hit by a car and you break your leg, then your ability to cross the street quickly and not get hit by a car again is impaired — essentially that’s what we’re talking about.

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