Migrating 2016 to 2016 updating simple url dns

This replaces the file-based licensing system that was used in prior releases. If you are upgrading an existing installation to Wonderware System Platform 2017, you must first install and configure a license server node, and activate the licenses to ensure continuous plant operation.The license server is typically installed on the Galaxy Repository node, but you can use a dedicated license server.One key aspect of In Touch OMI is its ability to automatically assemble applications based on a data model, resulting in minimal engineering and manageability that has not previously been available.In Touch OMI enables the first industrial application that will deliver a tailored and contemporary experience to any environment or device, including control rooms, industrial panels, desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.Information on the GCS web site includes product requirements, compatibility, as well as downloads from previous releases.

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Multiple form factors (including (phones and tablets), screen resolutions, aspect ratios, and multi-monitor displays can be used, and content will automatically resize to fit the target screen.Security enhancements have been added to this release of Wonderware System Platform and its component products.Centralized License Management All products included with Wonderware System Platform 2017 now leverage the server-based Schneider Electric Licensing System.Readme Files for Other Products in this Release To access individual product Readme files, insert the Wonderware System Platform installation DVD and click on the link.Review the known and resolved issues contained in each Readme file for the following component products are updated for this release: In This Document Important Information for Microsoft Windows 2016How to Find the Latest Product Requirements and Compatibility Information New Features in Wonderware System Platform 2017Web Help Display and Video Playback System Requirements and Guidelines Wonderware System Platform Installation Wonderware System Platform Upgrade and Migration Licensing Information Antivirus Software Exclusions Known Issues Documentation Wonderware In Touch Access Anywhere 2017 Readme When Wonderware System Platform is installed on a Windows Server 2016 system with Remote Desktop Services enabled, Window Viewer will fail to launch.

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