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Here, eight common topics of conversation among women friends, and the pros and cons of bringing them up with your inner circle. You're wondering if he's "the one." Is there a modern woman who makes that decision without at least running it by her best friends?If you're getting close to total commitment, this is the ideal time to share with your friends, says Coopersmith. A good friend is indispensible as you try to sort out the good, the bad and the not-sure of dating, so pick away at your relationship over omelets and mimosas.Try to give her the fullest story you can, so she can offer the best advice. Also, though many husbands or boyfriends love having their sexual prowess discussed, be sure he's OK with it before spilling too many intimate details. Though telling a friend about your desire to get pregnant is normal and can be helpful, be careful that you're not only talking to your friend."You may be assuming that you know what's in your husband's head, and you might well be wrong," says Dr. Get advice from your friend, but then go back home and open up the discussion with your partner. You're married, and are feeling attracted to someone else. Too many women keep sexual issues mum, which make them feel alone and isolated.This is an instance where choosing the right friend to tell is crucial. "Your friends can tell you that ebbs and flows in a long [term] sexual relationship are normal," says Dr. And, you may make your friend feel more open about discussing her own issues. A suspicion like this can make you feel like you're going a little crazy, and a good friend can let you vent—but she can also offer perspective.Save this confession for your most level-headed pal (preferably someone who's been in a good marriage herself for a long time). The only caveat with sex talk: Choose your most discreet friends to spill to; if negative info about your sex life makes its way back home, it can be an unfairly harsh blow to your man's ego. "Someone who knows you very well may point out, for example, that you tend to be jealous unnecessarily," points out Dr. That said, if your suspicions end up being correct, she can be there for you. My personal interests include being a mom, baking (and licking the beaters), sunset meditations, vintage clothing, writing and 80s movies.The majority of my professional training has been completed at Manhattan Beach Community Counseling Center.

They went to different colleges but remained faithful and married right after graduation. They found each other growing into very different people that although adored each other's 9th grade sensibilities weren't on the same page as adults.Working in community mental health has afforded me countless opportunities to work with a varied population including children, adolescents, adults, couples and families with a range of presenting challenges such as depression, anxiety, divorce, relational struggles, infidelity, self-esteem, stress management, parenting, disordered eating, impulse control, codependency, and loss/grief.My passions lie in working with women, adolescent girls, couples and parents.PRESSI have been featured on several radio shows including Dr.Drew’s Loveline and in many print and online publications such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, Your Tango, JDate and AOL.

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