The unashamedly preachy messages against the Mexican/United States border does get a bit tiring, as does the repetitive nature of the violence (after some interesting action set- pieces they all become similar, except towards the end).

Also, this kind of film needs to be much snappier and shorter.

Those that have seen the mock trailer, or the grindhouse films, know the style of yester-year that Machete is representing.

Cheap, nasty, and funny is the order of the day for this kind of film. He goes all out with this over-the-top action flick. Machete is betrayed by some "above the law" dudes and has to get revenge by slicing and dicing whoever gets in his way. Don't go in expecting a glimmer of subtlety or characterization.

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Machete is Robert Rodriguez's film based on his mock trailer made for the double grindhouse release of Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof and his own Planet Terror.

B-Grade superstar Danny Trejo stars as the title character.

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