Macbook pro battery icon not updating

My recommendation: use an app you like, and stick to it.Apple’s choice to remove the time remaining on battery within the native battery menu bar is definitely not ideal for those who care for minute to minute updates.Apple explained in a statement to Business Insider: "With mac OS Sierra we have continued to advance our power management, and by design there is now an increased range between high performance and low-power states. NXMru5CTa — John Gruber (@gruber) December 13, 2016 However, Mac users will still be able to get a rough estimate of how much battery life their laptops have left.

We have now downloaded the software fix and are rerunning our battery tests with the fix in place on the same computers previously tested.

coconut Battery is available as freeware, and the developer accepts donations if users are so inclined.

After having used both apps over the years, something I’ve always noticed is that the battery statistics vary from app to app.

i Stat Menus 5 is available with a free 14 day trial, with single and family licenses available at and respectively.

I first came across coconut Battery a few years ago after discovering that my 2010 Mac Book Pro’s battery was potentially dying, I figured a third-party app to easily keep tabs on the cycle count would be a good idea.

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