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My heart was closed after being hurt so many times.I also recognized I had so much fear when navigating dating and relationships and I didn’t want to keep living like that!I am attracting amazing people and learning about myself in new exciting way. I choose relationships with people who energetically uplift me and I am certain I will find the love of my life.– Melissa Before working with Catherine, I had quite a jaded view on love and relationships.She never asks me if I'm ready to go to bed at the end of the night anymore but she calls the dog to come along and leaves me on the couch. [Read more...]Chrissy Costa is a Pittsburgh-based stand up comedian, who has graced you with her virtual presence to answer all your lez-lady, queer-loving dating inquiries. I know it can’t and shouldn’t go anywhere because that would ruin our … Dear Costa, I have a new hookup buddy and she and I set a mutually agreed-upon boundary to keep it casual since she got out of a years long, …Before working with Catherine I was just getting out of a 3-year relationship and it was a brutal break up.

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– Aimee Before working with Catherine I didn’t know who I was.

I was caught up in who the world wanted me to be, who my parents wanted me to be and who I thought I needed to be in order to be successful.

Catherine helped me to not only trust love but trust myself! I am getting more attention romantically than I ever have before and have started dating a man who is treating me better than I EVER have been.

I’m so glad I worked with Catherine and chose to believe in love!

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