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The famous domes of Buckminster Fuller have covered more square feet of the earth's surface than any other structure.

There are other plans for a new giant telescope to be financed by Britain and Australia."I find it a fantastic arrogance for artists to say that they can sit back in their studios and paint.

Unfortunately the artist is not only tolerated but encouraged to do this - there is no science course for artists and I would have thought it indispensable." Frank Avray Wilson.

Thirty years ago, such a conception was extremely novel.

And it was then that some young scientists formed themselves into groups with strange names-to consider the future of science in all its aspects.

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Do we yet know enough to assess the risks we are taking? Frank Fraser Darling Vice-President of the Conservation Foundation, Dr.

Richard Feynman, Murray Gell-Mann, Yuval Ne'eman and Nicholas Samios explain their current understanding of the Omega-minus particle (Omega baryon)."Facts are the air of science," declared the famous Russian physiologist Pavlov. Horizon went to the biggest laboratory of its kind in the Commonwealth, the National Institute for Medical Research, to meet the Director of the laboratory, Dr. The output of scientific knowledge doubles every thirty years.

Laboratories are where most of the facts are gathered. Can this incredible rate of growth continue indefinitely?

Horizon visits the Rutherford High Energy Laboratory where an experiment is running to settle this, and talks to Dr. I am a Madman: Psychiatrists from all over the world met in London recently to compare notes.

Such comparisons are giving new insight into the causes of mental illness.

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