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“We are on the list of offerings in the human-resources departments in hundreds of companies and organizations around the world,” boasts PR director Deborah Beroset.The company’s language of personal productivity, confidence, and communication (much of it trademarked) has become white noise in corporate America—and possibly in your personal circle, too. Landmark’s corporate clients bring not just respectability but more warm bodies bearing checks.In fact, by the time he starts yelling and stabbing the board with a piece of chalk around hour 36, it’s become clear that I’ll be the hard kernel left at the bottom of this three-and-a-half-day Landmark Forum.I have, however, Invented the Possibility of a Future in which I get a big, fat raise, a Future I’ll Choose to Powerfully Enroll my bosses in, now that I am open to Miracles Around Money.

Like a successful grad of its own program, Landmark has shed its past hang-ups and realized Breakthrough Results.Like David Allen’s , Landmark is just one of dozens of quasi-philosophies that promise to empty your inbox and fulfill your personal goals. Since the Great Depression, when Dale Carnegie’s seminars on how to win friends and influence people became popular, the personal development industry has bloomed under darkening economic skies. How to do more in less time is today’s hot productivity trend.(Landmark’s website touts a survey in which one-third of Forum grads reported that their incomes rose at least 25 percent after participating; 94 percent of those attributed it to the program.) Yet if Landmark is just another outpost in lifehacking country, why does it seem so insidious?Amid controversy over his convoluted tax records, he left the country in 1991 and slid into obscurity.But before he did, he sold the company’s “technology” to his former employees, who used it to create The Landmark Forum.

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