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But…everybody else is going to be partying to end the decade tonight so you might as well.” However, when the second hour of AM began, John stirred the pot anew.

When the first hour ended with a Jeanne Moos segment on (a dating site that allegedly kicked off some such “beautiful people” for their holiday weight gain), John declared, “You know what? As Kyra’s concluded her report, John added, “It’s really an ironic coincidence because several weeks ago before you got involved in this story, you were looking for some yoga classes.The movie is said to take place in Philadelphia but must have been filmed at least in part in Canada as you can distinctly see a "Loblaw's Market" in the background of one scene. See more » RENEGADES is a great formula film from Jack Sholder.The films format is action adventure with a heavy native american theme.,” Reynold’s initially answered, “Yeah.” Then, quickly correcting himself, he responded, “No, actually, I think when you go from one through ten…if you want to be a stickler in terms of the numbers, I think that it ends this [sic] year.2011 would be the next one.” Subsequently, John remarked, “Some people believe that.

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