Itunes connect mobile not updating

Read this guide to learn more on how you can save them using i Faith.

i Faith is only for those who are currently able to run an i OS version (4.3.3 & below) on their i Devices without any issues.

()Check for Saved SHSH Blobs first: You can restore/upgrade to an i OS version ONLY with the help of a saved SHSH blob.

This happens if Cydia was able to save one for your device while it was still being signed by Apple for official restores.

In short, this error code has anything and everything to do with the SHSH blobs saved for your device.

May it had been saved via Cydia or via Tiny Umbrella, SHSH blobs are always a necessity if you ever plan to update/restore your i OS to any version other that the latest available version pushed out by Apple OTA.

If you're prepared to spend some time anglicising your machine, the Mi Notebook Pro offers excellent value for money.

But is it worth the risk of buying from China and forgoing any after-sales support?

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