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Their marriage is failing as Dylan shows no sexual or emotional interest in Liz.They also have strict control over their son River (Matthew Mindler), which leaves him unhappy and unable to express himself. Miller), and no longer wishes to continue their relationship or allow him to work at the farm.Miranda hopes to pry into her scandalous past, but is dismayed to learn of a legal agreement to only ask about charity work.Miranda tries to pretend Ned isn’t there, but his friendliness charms Arabella, who takes a liking to him.He later goes out to lunch with Jeremy and hints at Jeremy’s attraction towards his sister.Jeremy explains that Miranda is too bossy for him, though admitting she is beautiful.Ned also mentions a personal detail about Arabella that makes Miranda realize that Ned has the info she needs.

The next day, Miranda reluctantly asks Ned to chauffeur while she interviews an important client, Lady Arabella (Janet Montgomery).

Hours later, Ned is told by a police officer to move out of a tow zone.

Running upstairs to get the keys he discovers Dylan naked with Tatiana.

When Ned is released from prison, he returns home to his girl and his dog (“Willie Nelson”). Billy gives Ned a ride into town and tells him that if he can scrape together 00 for the first 2 months rent, Janet might let him stay in the goat barn behind the farm.

Ned initially stays at his mother’s house but a few days later shows up at Liz’s place, asking if he can stay with her.

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