Invalidating connection

The mathematics were verified by comparison with finite element analysis and with previous experimental and analytical investigations of threaded connections.

An improvement in thread load distribution can be achieved by properly modifying thread geometry.

In addition, we are also developing technology to intercept and interfere with Bluetooth connection communication.

invalidating connection-44

In the following study, we examine the connection between crime and gambling addictions.

Devices that can transmit images captured with the camera on Wi-Fi as they are, such as network cameras and Google Glass, are convenient but sometimes the risk that privacy is easily infringed or important information leaks Many people are already aware that it is a "double-edged sword" lurking behind.

In order to alleviate such risks, a device that senses a Wi-Fi connection by a specific device such as Google Glass and blocks it is "Unplug"is.

Two models will be prepared for the lineup, and the price is expected to be about 50 dollars (about 5400 yen) to 100 dollars (about 11 thousand yen).

In the meantime shipments will be made to EU countries, the UK and the US.

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