Intimidating sports songs

Low waist-hip ratio is sexually attractive in women and indicates a high estrogen/testosterone ratio (which favors reproductive function).Facial attractiveness provides honest cues to health and mate value.Leeds United's predecessor team, Leeds City, was formed in 1904, and were elected League members in 1905.At first they found it hard to draw big crowds to Elland Road but their fortunes improved following Herbert Chapman's arrival.They play in the Championship, the second tier of the English football league system.

and in 1961–62 only a win in the final game of the season saved the club from relegation to Division Three.

Leeds play in all-white kits, leading to their nickname being 'the whites'.

The club's badge features the White Rose of York together with the monogram "LUFC".

The club reached the 1975 European Cup Final losing to Bayern Munich.

Leeds also reached the semi-finals of the tournament's successor, the Champions League in 2001.

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